New video from New Swears – “Stay Gold”


Ottawa’s New Swears play the piss-drunk VIPs in the video for “Stay Gold,” off their new record Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever. They released the album Saturday at Gabba Hey!, the DIY venue at Capital City Rehearsal Studios in Ottawa. You can witness the madness with footage from that show in the last part of this video.

The band’s en route to Europe, where they’re spending Spetember touring. Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever is out now on Bachelor Records, and stream the whole thing below.

New Chad VanGaalen video – “Monster”


Chad VanGaalen continues his streak of crazy animated videos with “Monster.” Some of the creatures in the video are probably part of his animated sci-fi feature Tarboz that will hopefully see the light of day next year. When we spoke at the beginning of the summer, Chad was looking for voice actors to help bring the many characters to life. He’s getting some practice syncing up his characters’ lips in this video, the most human-looking monster singing along to the first verse.

“Monster” is off Shrink Dust, his latest LP out now on Flemish Eye / Sub Pop.

No Aloha post two new songs for a cross-Canada tour cassette


Local garage / power-pop four-piece No Aloha posted two new tracks last week before hitting the road.  “All Eyes” and “My Boyfriend’s the Devil” start off the cassette made up of cuts off two previous EPs and a cover of “Fountain” by Montreal ’80s punks The Nils. The two new tracks will eventually make it onto a record, too.

No Aloha is currently heading west, hitting every province along the way.  Catch them back in Montreal for POP, they’re playing Quai des Brumes September 19.

POP Montreal announces full festival lineup

pop montreal


POP Montreal’s full lineup was posted today, coinciding with a press conference this morning and their free show tonight at Place Émilie-Gamelin with A Tribe Called Red and AroarA.

“All I wanna do is have some fun,” said POP Creative Director Dan Seligman at the press conference, quoting Sheryl Crow, one of the 400+ acts playing the festival.

Montreal indie giants Stars will be playing new material at the tiny off-the-festival-circuit makeshift venue Breakglass Studios, which will be broadcast live via Sirius XM radio, as will Red Roof church shows by Adam Cohen and Jimmy Hunt. Win Butler will be hosting the “Pop vs. Jock” charity basketball game / show with special guests including Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Matt Bonner from the San Antonio Spurs.

Richard Reed Parry of Arcade Fire is playing with his new classical musical project at the Red Roof church, too.

Ronnie Spector (former wife to deranged killer / production wizard Phil Spector) will be performing a multimedia concert chronicling her life, opened up by psychobilly monster Bloodshot Bill. Schoolboy Q is playing l’Olympia.

There are also reams of great local bands playing (way too many to list here). Check out the full lineup on POP’s website.

The POP Montreal festival is happening September 17 – 21.


The Men are releasing a krautrock-inspired LP as Dream Police


The two guitarists in shape-shifting Brooklyn four-piece The Men are putting out an LP of krautrock-inspired tunes with their label Sacred Bones. Nick Chiericozzi and Mark Perro are going by the name Dream Police, the album is called Hypnotized and it’s coming out on November 11.

The switch makes sense, since the band has never really kept a consistent sound from album to album. Leave Home got really fucking heavy at points, and then two years later they threw in blues and country while recording in the Catskills. They’ve also put out two solid “rock” LPs in between.

Dream Police isn’t a new concept though. The project has been around since at least 2011, with a handful of shows and a cassette-only release. The two have been playing under the name “The Men” since 2008.

Here’s a clip from “Let it Be”, half of a 25-minute tape they put out as Dream Police before their Sacred Bones debut as The Men came out in 2011. That LP (Leave Home) ended with “Night Landing”, essentially a Dream Police song pegged to a bipolar (and excellent) record by The Men. Read a 2011 interview with Nick from The Men / Dream Police here.